The Big Darby Accord Working Group

In order to coordinate implementation efforts, representatives from the jurisdictions have formed the Big Darby Accord Working Group.

The working group oversees sub-groups involved with managing the Accord Panel, directing the Town Center, carrying out the revenue recommendations and coordinating open space activities as set forth in the Big Darby Accord.

  • Accord Panel Sub-group

    The Accord Panel sub-group coordinated the establishment of the Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel. The panel reviews development throughout the watershed, providing recommendation to the jurisdictions on a development's conformance with the Big Darby Accord. The panel first met in June 2007.

  • Town Center Sub-group

    This sub-group is coordinating efforts to establish the town center, a highly desirable mixed-use area within the watershed. 

  • Zoning Sub-group

    To meet the environmental goals of the plan, the Big Darby Accord outlines changes to existing regulations to ensure new development occurs in an environmentally-sensitive manner. The zoning group helps assemble a wide range of stakeholders for maximum public involvement in any changes.

  • Open Space Advisory Council

    The Big Darby Accord recommends the Open Space Advisory Council to provide guidance for land acquisition, funding and other conservation efforts. The council includes representation from a variety of groups. The council is planning a future series of roundtable discussions to encourage dialogue among residents about the benefits of land conservation and how to participate in programs.